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ADHD and Pornography

We have 8 children (ages 4 to 23). Recently, one of our youngest children was diagnosed with ADHD. We have been doing tons of research on what that means for us moving forward and just learning how to best help them.

We are learning that ADHD is not a negative, but a positive. Folks who have this just see the world differently, have lots of energy, are able to accomplish a great many things in life because of that excess energy, and on some level are just generally more empathetic/sympathetic. In essence, I am learning that ADHD is a gift!!

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God Wants To Meet Us In Our Sin and Shame


Today let’s look at the issue of feeling SHAME and being TIRED.
What is shame? Guilt says I feel bad for doing wrong. Shame says I feel worthless because there is something wrong with me.
Where did shame come from? (Genesis 3) When Adam and Eve sinned their eyes were opened, and they realized they were naked.  In Genesis 2:25 they were naked with no shame, but the moment they sinned, in their nakedness they felt shame.

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