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May We Humbly Repent!


I first started blogging about a decade ago.

I blogged for a year or two and then I felt led by the Lord to stop. In 2021, I started blogging again. I have blogged pretty consistently for the last year or so. This will be my last blog for a while. I am stopping because I am sensing from the Lord it is time to stop. I imagine the Lord will have me pick this up in the future. When that happens, I will happily blog again.

My last blog for a while is going to be about the state of our country, as well as the state of the church in our country. I must warn you. If you offend easily, this blog is not for you. I am not going to pull any punches on this one.
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How and when to talk to your kids about sex, porn, etc.


This is a topic that we don't like to think about very much. However, it is a topic that we must be willing to address and know how to address with our children.

Before we get into the how and when to have this conversation, let us first start with the mindset that is needed to have the conversation. As a parent, I must be willing to embrace "the AWKWARD". Talking to your children about sex, porn, etc., is awkward. So let's embrace the awkward!
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Suffering While On Mission

Jesus is Majestic. He is Messiah. He wants to be Master, and He wants us to live on Mission for Him. We have discussed this in the last several blogs. Knowing He is Majestic, and Messiah motivates me to make Him Master of my life. This includes things like being Master of my purity. When He is Master, then I let God help me walk in freedom from things like porn and shame. I then take it a step further and let Him Master my life as I live on Mission for Him.
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God Wants Us To Live On Mission 


God is MAJESTIC! God is MESSIAH! God wants to be MASTER! God wants us to live on MISSION! 
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God wants to be MASTER : Part 2

Let’s pick it up where we left off. 

Since God is MAJESTIC and MESSIAH, we are compelled to declare Him to be MASTER. As we looked at last time, that's what happened in 
Isaiah 6. The Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, saw the MAJESTY of God, experienced how He was MESSIAH, and Isaiah declared God to be MASTER. 
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