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Sex is about Worship and Intimacy

Sex is about Worship and Intimacy

If your struggle is pornography, sexting, or some other form of sexual immorality, understanding God’s purpose for sex can help you on your road to recovery. If you are a parent or church leader, this section could be very helpful as well!
In this blog, let’s focus on sex being about “worship” and “intimacy”.
Sex is worship -
I am sure you might think this is a crazy thought, but just bear with me.
Genesis 1-2 gives us the Biblical account of creation. Colossians 1 shows us that all of creation is for Jesus. We were created by Jesus so we could worship Jesus.
Because of sin, the wrong things we say and do, as well as the wrong in our hearts and minds, we are separated from God and destined for hell. Many passages in Scripture talk about this. To name a few you can look at Romans 3 and 6, and Ephesians 2. We were created for Him, but because of sin, we can't live for Him.
The Bible also teaches us that God made a way through Christ for us to be forgiven so we could know Him and worship Him. You can see this throughout Scripture, but a few great passages to look at on this are Romans 6, Ephesians 1-2, or Colossians 1.
Once I place my faith and trust in Christ, I am a child of God, and I can now live out my purpose (Worshiping Him!).
Knowing Jesus changes our perspective on everything. It changes how I do single life or married life. It impacts how I raise my kids and spend my money. Knowing Christ changes how I view entertainment, work, leisure, etc.
And guess what? Knowing Christ changes my perspective of sex. Christ created me to worship Him. Christ went to the cross and rose from the dead so I could worship Him. All of life is about His glory. All of life revolves around Him. He changes how I think, speak, act, etc.
Sex has been so distorted in our culture. Therefore, when I call it an act of worship towards Jesus it weirds people out.
Take the perversion away for a second. Think of how beautiful God is, and think of the beauty and magnificence of His creation. Strip away any perverse thought and just think about how beautiful the idea of sex really is. Two becoming one in body, but more importantly, becoming one deep in their soul.
God created this. There is an entire book in Scripture (Song of Solomon) devoted to it.
God set aside this heterosexual act to be done in the context of marriage.
Just think of it: For the married person, they can have pure, holy sex with their spouse with no shame as an act of worship towards Almighty God.
Students and Singles can wait until marriage to participate in this. Waiting is an act of worship to Almighty God.
Some people are called to singleness. Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians 7. A single person can go their entire life and not have sex. Somehow in this, if a person will really press in with the Lord, God can have real intimacy with this person. And it can be greater intimacy than any sex act. For this single person, that is amazing worship.
I will talk more about intimacy later.
My point is this: All of life is about Jesus, and every aspect of my life can be an act of worship to Him.
Think about what Paul says in Acts 20:24. It reads, "But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God."
Paul had one purpose (worship Jesus). He did not consider his own life dear to himself.
We consider our lives very dear, and we have elevated sex to this place of supremacy.
What if we said, "I don't count my life dear to me (anything in my life, including sex). I just want to live my life for Jesus and His Gospel."
If I lived like this, and God gave me the gift of sex in the context of marriage, then every time I had sex it would be for Him to worship Him and bring glory to His name!
May we worship Jesus in every aspect of our life. May we worship Him while having sex in heterosexual marriage, and may we worship while abstaining outside of marriage.
May we talk about this in the church and in our homes.
Let's not be afraid to talk about what God was not afraid to create. In fact, let's talk about it appropriately, but openly. Let's be very clear that God's purpose for sex was to bring Honor and Glory to His name!
Sex is about intimacy -
Think about it: The God of the Universe wants us to worship Him! What a privilege! The God of the Universe gives us the chance to know Him and have relationship with Him. In fact, in Revelation 3:20, we see that God actually wants to have deep intimacy and connection with us. That passage says this, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me." God wants to dine with us. He wants to dine, hang out, connect, etc.! What does He really want with us? Intimacy!
In Genesis 1-2, He experienced intimacy like this with Adam and Eve before they sinned. He experiences the same intimacy with those who commit their lives to follow Christ, assuming these followers let Christ pursue them for this intimacy.
Life is truly about having intimacy with God and worshiping Him. My life of worship towards God flows out the intimacy I have with Him.
I am sure at this point you are thinking, "What does this have to do with sex?"
In Genesis 2:24-25, it says this, "For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed."
God designed sex to take place in the context of marriage, and we will discuss this in a later post. The husband and wife are to leave mom and dad, and they are to connect to one another. In this connection, they become one. I am not trying to be graphic, but in the act of sex it truly is that two become one. Those two bodies are literally joined together, and they are experiencing physical intimacy. It is so much more than that though. When one has sex, there is an intimate connection deep within that person's heart and soul, and brain science is showing us that there is literally a bond that occurs between two people when they engage in a sex act.
Sex is designed to produce a bond. It is designed to be intimate, and in this intimacy, there is no shame. When I have sex God's way, I experience deep intimacy with my spouse, and there is no shame when the sex act is complete. In fact, there is the exact opposite of shame. There is this great feeling of being connected.
Here comes the awesome part. When a husband and wife experience intimacy, they are reflecting the same intimacy that God wants with us. Don't jump to conclusions here. I am not saying God wants a sexual relationship with us. What does He want? We already said it. He wants intimacy!
He wants us to be connected to Him, bonded to Him, one with Him. When I commit my life to Jesus, he sends His Holy Spirit to live inside of me. When I experience intimacy with God I am doing this through the power of the Holy
Spirit. The goal is that I would be having such great intimacy with God that I am literally one with the Holy Spirit inside of me. This intimacy leads me to worship of God. Why? It is worship because I am one with Him.
Sex is about intimacy, about oneness. When I do this God's way, it is worship. When I do it His way, it is about intimacy (intimacy with my spouse and reflecting intimacy with Him). When I have sex God's way, it is simply beautiful!

Bottom line: Will we commit to do sex God's way? Will we choose to abstain if single? Will we pursue true sexual intimacy with our spouse if married? Ultimately, will all of us choose to dine with Jesus and have deep intimacy with Him?

To do life and sex like this would be an act of worship to God.